Scientific activities as a organizer, coordinator, etc.

Research projects

Coordinator of the MultiDark Working Group on DM indirect searches: Gamma and Cosmic Rays starting from November 2012 to December 2017.

Conferences, workshops

1.- Local organization of PPC 2010: IV International workshop on the interconnection between Particle Physics and Cosmology. Torino, 12-16 July 2010

2.- Local organization of Workshop on DM Tools and Hands-on Fermi data analysis. IFIC, Valencia, 22-26 April 2013

3.- Local organization of FestiValle 2013: J.W.F Valle 60th anniversary scientific meeting. IFIC, Valencia, 27 July 2013

4.- Organizing committee of School of Cosmology tools. IFT-UAM/CSIC. Madrid, Spain. 12-15 November 2013

5.- Local organization of 10th MultiDark Consolider Workshop. IFIC, Valencia, 2-4 April 2014

6.- Local organization of Workshop IBS-MultiDark Joint Focus Program: WIMPs and axions, CTPU, IBS, Daejeon, Korea. 10-21 October 2014

7.- Local organization of Workshop IBS-MultiDark Joint Workshop on Dark Matter and 13th MultiDark Consolider Workshop, IFT UAM/CSIC, Madrid, Spain. 23-28 November, 2015

8.- Local organization of One-day workshop IFIC-IFT, IFIC UVEG/CSIC, Valencia, Spain. 11 March, 2015

9.- Organization of Dark Matter from aeV to ZeV, 3rd IBS-MultiDark-IPPP Workshop, Lumley Castle, Durham, United Kingdom. 21-25 November, 2016

10.- Local Organization of XXI Simposio Chileno de Física, Hotel Antofagasta, Antofagasta, Chile. 14 – 16 November, 2018

11.- Advisory Committee of V Encuentro Investigadores Emergentes, Departamento de Física UCN, Antofagasta, Chile. 13 – 14 December 2018.


Coordinator of the IFIC’s student seminars cycle from 2014 to 2016


Creator and coordinator of lawphysics webinars. Starting in February 2015

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