My Education

Here I summarized my physics degrees.


PhD thesis: Study of positrons from cosmic rays interactions and cold dark matter annihilations in the galactic environment.
Advisors: Prof. Nicolao Fornengo (U. Torino and INFN-Torino) and Prof. Pierre Salati (U. Savoie)
December 2008
[arxiv:0812.4272] [PDF]

PhD defense. Torino, Italy. December 2008. [PDF]

AwardSergio Fubini 2009 INFN award for one of the best PhD theses.

3rd-year report: Positron Cosmic Rays, propagation and Dark Matter Annihilation. IDAPP 2d-meeting, Paris, France. June 2008. [PDF]

2nd-year  report: Galactic Dark Matter as a source of Positron Cosmic Rays. January 2008. [PDF]

1st-year report: Positron Cosmic Rays for studying Dark Matter. IDAPP 2d-meeting, Ferrara, Italy. May 2007. [PDF]


Master thesis: Decaimiento a tres cuerpos en teorías Supersimétricas con y sin paridad R
Advisor: Prof. Marco A. Diaz (PUC-Chile)
June 2005

Master defense. PUC, Santiago. Chile. June 2005. [PDF]


Bachelor thesis: Física de Neutrinos en un modelo supersimétrico
Advisor: Prof. Marco A. Diaz (PUC-Chile)
January 2003

Bachelor defense. PUC, Santiago, Chile. January 2003. [PDF]

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