Gnome fonts combinations

These are some fonts combinations that look nice in ubuntu 17.10. In any case, it just a matter of taste.

Ubuntu default

Window Title: Ubuntu Bold 11
Interface: Ubuntu Regular 11
Documents: Sans Regular 11
Monospace: Ubuntu Mono Regular 13

Pop-OS GTK theme

Window Titles: Fira Sans SemiBold 10
Interface: Fira Sans Book 10
Documents: Roboto Slab Regular 11
Monospace: Fira Mono Regular 11

Gnome default

Window Title: Cantarell Bold 11
Interface: Cantarell Regular 11
Documents: Sans Regular 11
Monospace: Monospace Regular 11

Using Roboto family

Window Title: Roboto Bold 11
Interface: Roboto Regular 11
Documents: Roboto Regular 11
Monospace: Roboto Mono Regular 11

Using Source family

Window Title: Source Sans Pro Bold 11
Interface:Source Sans Pro Regular 11
Documents:Source Sans Pro Regular 11
Monospace: Source Code Medium 11

Using FreeSans family

Window Title: FreeSans Bold 11
Interface: FreeSans Regular 11
Documents: FreeSans Regular 11
Monospace: Monospace Regular 11



Yes, I like to write programs.

In fact, it is hard to me to do research without coding anything. All my papers have required coding (or scripting) in different languages. Some old calculations in Fortran 77 and recent ones in Python. I have needed to code in LaTeX to write papers and in gnuplot to make plots. In any case, the list continues to grow.

I learn new languages by having goals, but these goals are research motivated. This means there are a lot of features that I miss because of that.

Nowadays, there are many website with resources and courses about popular programming languages. So, here it is a list:

In fact, I got inspired by the @ElaMoscicka’s tweet:

I will post later something about the programs that I use for looking for Dark Matter.

Dark Matter Day

Today at 18.30 GMT is #darkmatterday. But, what is the event?

This day is a worldwide effort to arise public awareness about the research topics surrounding the search of Dark Matter.

I am part of lawphysics, and we organize a darkmatterday event. The event is going to be challenging because it is a videoconference between 3 universities in Latin America together with 6 physicists working on topics related to Dark Matter.

We will talk about it but specially we will talk about the latin american scientific effort in the area.  You can follow it directly in the lawphysics youtube channel. Enjoy






Blogging again

This is the very first post here in this blog.

Back in time, during the phd, I wrote a lot in my personal blog at blogger. Now, I don’t know where it is. But, I found the “diario de bicicleta” that was a collaborative blog about tourism by bike.

So, what am i going to blog here? My plan is to write about my research, also about some computer stuff. Regarding the last, I have many notes about how to install programs in ubuntu. I guess somebody could find this information useful.

So, let’s see if I can keep writing…